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The Really Awful Movies Podcast features smart chat about genre film, predominantly horror movies. Really Awful Movies aren’t REALLY awful (though they can be). The title was inspired by the phrase “Why do you have to watch those awful movies?” This Podcast is a tribute to our favorite genre, horror, and also kung fu, exploitation, action, women-in-prison, musicals and others

Really Awful Movies: Ep 289 – Murder Party

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, 2007’s Murder Party.

A lonely traffic cop is strolling home to his crappy basement New York City apartment on Halloween, when he comes across a strange invitation lying on the ground. He picks it up, and it has a time and an address on it, and says “come alone.” (not really much of a chance there’d be a +1 for this guy, that’s for sure).

He gets home, and fashions together a costume made from duct tape and cardboard, and goes out into the town as a knight, making his way out to a Brooklyn warehouse where the murder party is being held.

Then, things go terrifyingly (and funnily) awry.

On this episode of the podcast, we dive into art for art’s sake, patronage, death in art, The Death of Marat, installation art, going out on the town solo, and a bunch of other topics. We put Murder Party in the context of other, DIY low-budget flicks set in The Big Apple.

Join us, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Really Awful Movies Podcast. We focus on horror, but tackle genre films of all stripes, and have a soft spot for action films as well.

Talk to you soon!

Really Awful Movies: Ep 288 – Jason X

Not to be confused with Malcolm X, we’re turning our eyes to Jason X! After all, it’s Friday the 13th folks.

This one features the Butcher of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees, out in space. Why? Why not? (or more accurately, because someone in the studio green lit an absolutely godawful idea, that’s why).

This film has a lot of detractors. But in recent years, some of us have developed a soft spot for what is undeniably a bit of a turd.

Jason Voorhees is frozen cryogenically by devious Doc David Cronenberg. Then, 450 years into the future, space explorers revivify the killer. Bad move. Jeez, they learned not a single thing in the interceding 5 centuries.


Join us on this podcast discussion. And enjoy Friday the 13th as well.