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The Really Awful Movies Podcast features smart chat about genre film, predominantly horror movies. Really Awful Movies aren’t REALLY awful (though they can be). The title was inspired by the phrase “Why do you have to watch those awful movies?” This Podcast is a tribute to our favorite genre, horror, and also kung fu, exploitation, action, women-in-prison, musicals and others

Really Awful Movies: Ep 224 – The House That Dripped Blood

The House That Dripped Blood is a horror anthology. The word “anthology” is derived from the Greek for “flowers,” (anthos) and “collection” (logia).

And everything’s coming up roses in this Amicus production which co-stars Denholm Elliot, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (each in different segments). It was co-written by Robert Bloch of Psycho fame.

In Method For Murder a writer moves into a house with his wife, and is haunted by visions of his literary creation, a strangler named Dominic.

In Waxworks a retired stockbroker (Peter Cushing) and his pal become fixated with a macabre waxwork museum that appears to contain a model of a lady they both knew.

In Sweets to the Sweet a nanny is disturbed by the cold treatment of a widower (Christopher Lee) towards his young daughter

and in The Cloak, a high-strung actor buys a black cloak and is overcome by its spirits during the production of a B-vampire movie.

The beauty of anthology film-making is that if one segment suffers, another is not far behind. And The House That Dripped Blood is a charmer, complete with Amicus/Hammer trappings, the sprawling creaky home, the giant candelabra, etc.

In this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we chat about perceptions of the home, the awesome artwork of The House That Dripped Blood, PG-13 horror, the greatest horror actors of all time, and much more.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 223 – The Kindred

A furtive lab experiment. In a basement. On today’s episode, the fun, smart and occasionally gory 1980s creature feature, The Kindred.

The Kindred is a fairly obscure 1987 American horror film directed by Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter. Are two directors better than one? Not generally. Here, not bad!

Obrow also produced the film and co-wrote it along with Carpenter, Earl Ghaffari and John Penney. The film stars David Allen Brooks, Amanda Pays (Planet of the Apes) and Rod Steiger (he needs no introduction). The movie was released on January 9, 1987 and grossed just over $2 million.

Dr Amanda Hollins’ deathbed request to her son, John, was for him to destroy all the lab notes from her last experiment, lest it get into the wrong hands (Dr. Lloyd, played by Steiger).

John and some buddies (including Melissa, a grad student devotee of Hollins) head up to the cottage where Hollins did her experiments. What do they find? We think you’ll have a pretty good idea.

Bloody Disgusting said: “The Kindred is a bonafide fun house full of splattery effects work. Based off the artistry on display here, it’s no shock that lead makeup effects artist, Matthew Mungle, went directly from this to A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (the second best film in the series).

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