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The Really Awful Movies Podcast features smart chat about genre film, predominantly horror movies. Really Awful Movies aren’t REALLY awful (though they can be). The title was inspired by the phrase “Why do you have to watch those awful movies?” This Podcast is a tribute to our favorite genre, horror, and also kung fu, exploitation, action, women-in-prison, musicals and others

Really Awful Movies: Ep 232 – The Incredible Shrinking Man

We’re used to titles summing up horror movies. The likes of Hospital Massacre, Sorority House Massacre, etc, don’t leave much to the imagination, and little of it is apparent in the finished product. The Incredible Shrinking Man, while not a horror film in the traditional sense, is pretty darn horrifying. An obvious title that lays bare the plot, belies a very interesting, thoughtful, and quirky little movie.

Yes, there’s a man. And he’s shrinking. And that’s all you need to know. This movie sells itself with a terrific premise.

Scott is on vacation with the missus, Louise. They’re on a boat playfully bantering as newly married folks do…and suddenly, a strange mist appears enveloping their craft. For reasons unexplained, the hull protects her from its effects, but poor Scott left on deck, is covered with a white film. Turns out, it was, like that Imagine Dragons ear-worm, “Radioactive.” As the band sings, “I’m waking up to ash and dust, I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust, I’m breathing in the chemicals…”

Soon thereafter, Scott begins to shrink…shedding pounds and inches of height. He undergoes a battery of tests, but there’s nothing that can be done.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 231 – One Tough Bastard

One Tough Bastard, aka, One Man’s Justice is yet another three-word lunkhead action film. And boy, is it a hell of a lot of fun. Starring one of our faves, Brian Bosworth, this one involves a corrupt FBI man (Savak) who is overseeing an illicit weapons trade, procuring arms from corrupt US Army types.

Bosworth (as John North, as good an action name as we’ve heard), is a drill sergeant. And we see how much ass he kicks in, what else? A MONTAGE, BABY! Action movies NEED montages like fish need water.

His wife and child are shopping at a local store, where inexplicably, there’s an arms deal afoot outside. His wife witnesses the shady doings, and the bad guys blow her, and the daughter, to smithereens. They also shoot North, who comes in to help, putting a couple of slugs in his chest.

In true action form, North convalesces…and gradually regains health in order to track down the no-goodniks who killed his family.

However, the true star is Savak, who coos wonderful zingers and handles a pistol with aplomb. He cuts a totally ridiculous figure too, with hair straight from Interview with a Vampire, and even sports a fatuous nose-ring.

One Tough Bastard is hilarious, asinine fun…and even features the rapper formerly known as MC Hammer as a two-bit junk dealer.