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Really Awful Movies: Ep 318 – Haunt

Haunt is a 2019 American slasher film written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the writing duo behind A Quiet Place.

It’s set in one of those haunted house Halloween attractions. And surprisingly, this is one of the better films set on Halloween, along with John Carpenter’s Halloween, House of 1,000 Corpses, Sinister, and Murder Party, which we podcasted not long ago.

The premise: a bunch of college co-eds are out and about in small town Illinois, a bit like the Michael Myers classic. They’re bar-hopping, and after growing weary of it, hop in their vehicle in search of one of those spooky haunted houses.

They drive up to what is not so much a house, but more of a haunted warehouse. And the doorman is a creepy clown, holding out two hands to choose their own adventure inside, in a way.

Haunt is creepy as hell. There are two extraordinarily intense scenes, and it’s quiet, eschewing cheap jump scares.

The performances are dynamite too, and there’s some nice backstory for the lead.

In the podcast, contextualizing the Halloween haunted house experience, Tobe Hooper’s Funhouse, Hell Fest, and Toronto’s Casa Loma Halloween experience.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 314 – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Let’s just call Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile the Ted Bundy movie, k?

What a mouthful of a title. But unlike other depraved lunatics, for some reason Lady Killer and The Campus Killer never stuck with Terrible Ted the way that similar monikers have to BTK, The Green River Killer, Jack the Ripper, etc.

Any way you slice it (not a pun as that was not his MO) this falls into the sub genre of horror known as “serial killer drama”, into watch falls the likes of David Fincher’s Zodiac, Doctor Sleep, Se7en, and a few dozen others. And that’s excluding fictional serial killers or movies inspired by them (Psycho, for example).

So, what’s this one all about? It stays true to conventional storytelling/narrative, and has a few eyebrow raising scenes, as well as eyebrow raisers in the credits (Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory as a prosecuting attorney? James Hetfield from Metallica as a cop?).

On this episode of the Podcast, Ted Bundy, actors taking on challenging roles or going against type, David Fincher, the police and how they handled this case, the Bundy MO, and then at the end, a brief discussion about the Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time and where Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, would fit on that list.

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