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Really Awful Movies: Ep 298 – Mortuary

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast: Mortuary! This is an underseen 1983 quasi-slasher starring a young Bill Paxton.

There’s a mortuary (duh) and two young guys start poking around. One of them goes missing. The other? He goes to the roller rink to ask where he might’ve gone. Ah yes, seeking answers from the oracle that is the disco roller rink

His girlfriend’s father was murdered. And she suspects that his demise has something to do with the local mortuary.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

There’s a figure clad in black, skulking around with a trocar, the cannula device used to extract bodily fluid. Jeez, I wonder who the perp could be? Could they be in some way connected to…a mortuary?

An all-over-the-map misfire, there are still fun elements to this one.

Join us!

Really Awful Movies: Ep 293 – Nightmare Beach

Now the weather outside is frightful, but 80s teen horrors are so delightful.

Join us, as we dive headfirst into Nightmare Beach (also released as Welcome to Spring Break), an American-Italian slasher directed by the incomparable Umberto Lenzi and Harry Kirkpatrick.

This might be the fourth Lenzi flick we’ve talked about here on the Really Awful Movies Podcast. He’s just so darned entertaining regardless if he’s tackling giallo, cannibal movies, demented zombie films, or straightforward (to the extent that this is) slashers.

Manatee Beach is being plagued by a spate of murders. And it turns out, the local leather-clad bikers aren’t to blame (this time). There’s a killer on the loose. And, to quote Jim Morrison, there’s a killer on the road. His brain may be squirming like a toad. He’s got a helmet, and also an electrified ride that he uses to zap Floridians.

This Nightmare Beach has all the makings of…well, something. It’s a turd. But a delightful turd. It’s just so much fun.

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