Really Awful Movies: Ep 430 – See No Evil

This week on the podcast, an Aussie-US, Lionsgate-WWE Films co-production, See No Evil. This one rests on the formidable shoulders of wrestler, Kane, the antagonist here and chief antagonist to The Undertaker during the heyday/attitude era of WWE. Juvie/criminal types are taken to a prison work program, but rather than picking up garbage on some […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 424 – The Furies

This week on the podcast, a 2019 Aussie production titled, The Furies. This is a survivalist/dystopian horror, occupying Battle Royale / Rollerball territory, but a hell of a lot gorier. Billed as Halloween meets The Hunger Games (wholly inaccurately) this one focuses on women who wake up in strange black coffins, only to find themselves […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 422 – Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger

On this episode of the podcast, Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger, two low-budget horror films. What links these two together is they’re both micro-budget horrors with a cult following, more so for the Troma production. In Killdozer, as the name overtly suggests, a construction vehicle becomes sentient and well…kills! Shocker, sometimes literally. And in The […]