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Really Awful Movies: Ep 163 – Psychomania

This week, a look at the odd British cult horror, Psychomania.

Tom is a shaggy-haired and quite amiable psychopath and the leader of a violent British teen gang, a la the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange.

Tom barrels around on his motorcycle with his girlfriend and loves his doting mother. The gang, The Living Dead, dabble in black magic. Meanwhile, in a similar vein, his mother and her sinister butler Shadwell get their jollies out of holding seances in their home. With her help (and following in his deceased father’s footsteps) Tom returns from the dead, after driving his bike into a local river. One by one, he and his fellow bikers commit suicide with the goal of returning as one of the “undead”.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 160 – Green Room

A punk band gets offered a seemingly lucrative gig, after tanking it at a crappy restaurant in front of indifferent dozens. But the band in GREEN ROOM ( the Ain’t Rights) doesn’t know what’s comin’ to them, as they answer the bell to open for Cowcatcher, a band that has a sizable neo-Nazi following. What could go wrong?

Find out, and tune in to the podcast.

But first, try and watch Green Room. It’s probably one of the better horror films released in the last few years, featuring an excellent performance by Patrick Stewart as an evil goon, as well as the late Anton Yelshin, whose talents will be greatly missed.

Director Jeremy Saulnier is one to watch. We know this because of his superlative efforts, Murder Party and Blue Ruin.