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Really Awful Movies: Ep 396 – Blood Orgy of the She-Devils

On this week’s episode, a short discussion of Blood Orgy of the She-Devils and the life and times of horror maverick, Ted V. Mikels.

The plot is pretty bare: a soothsayer / prognosticator becomes involved with a couple. It’s not exactly a “screaming plunge into the depths of hell” promised in the poster, but it’s a super fun low-budget affair.


Really Awful Movies: Ep 393 – X

On this episode of the podcast, X. The film follows a group of, ahem, filmmakers, through Texas as they location scout for an upcoming project, Farmer’s Daughter.

Mia Goth (of the Suspiria remake) stars as one of the starlets, whose crew encounters hicks in the sticks.

Artfully done, replete with atmosphere, X still kinda comes up a bit short. At least to these reviewers. Tune in, and check it out.