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Really Awful Movies: Ep 164 – Freddy vs. Jason

The coming together of two forces in the world of horror: Freddy vs. Jason!

The gloved one has seen his power wane. And he needs to get kids scared of their dreams again. Why not bring the fear back? But again, he cannot get his strength back. So he enlists the help of none other than Jason Voorhees, rather than hitting the gym weights or doing push-ups.

Suddenly, the body count begins to rise…and cops, residents, and figures of authority are concerned. Is ol’ Fred back? What’s going on?

Freddy vs. Jason had no business being this fun. It could’ve been a total train wreck, but is surprisingly fun.


Really Awful Movies: Ep 162 – Burial Ground

Some voodoo mumbo jumbo re-animates the dead (actually, some Etruscan mumbo jumbo to be precise). The dead, then go after the living. And the living try and escape!

That’s the film Burial Ground (1981) in a nutshell.

It’s an Italian Zombi knock-off, courtesy of director Andrea Bianchi. As a director, Bianchi is known for (among other things), Cry of a Prostitute (we haven’t a prostitute cry, but imagine it’s heart-wrenching) and What the Peeper Saw (we haven’t seen that one…but…you get the gist of what Bianchi, aka, Andrew White, is all about). He sure does like his crime / exploitation films.

In Burial Ground, when the Gates of Hell open, and Lucio Fulci is nowhere to be found, you have to kinda settle for Bianchi.

Bloody Disgusting said this about Burial Ground: [the film] “contains all the necessary elements for a good zombie movie including maggot-infested corpses, entrails eating…

It’s definitely an oddball flick. It is most definitely weird and wildly perverse…all the good stuff.

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