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Really Awful Movies: Ep 344 – Wishmaster

Be careful what you wish for.

We return to 90s horror on the podcast, with a discussion of the somewhat under-the-radar (despite numerous sequels) fantasy horror, WISHMASTER.

We’ve got an ancient statue, inside of which is a cursed gemstone.

And inside of THAT, is a Djinn, one of those pre-Islamic, demon-type creatures that is pretty nasty, and isn’t one of those wish-granting ineffectual genie types we always see in the West.

And it’s unleashed to wreak havoc! What a plot right there, eh?

Directed by special effects whiz Robert Kurtzman, Wishmaster features a who’s who of horror legends…you’ve got Angus Scrimm, Tony Todd, Robert Englund (and more!).

Wishmaster is, as befitting a directory who cut his teeth doing practical effects for loads of flicks, pretty gory. Yes, the fantastical elements are goofy, but it’s well-written, has great characters, and frankly, has no business being as fun as it is.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 339 – Wrong Turn

This week, co-host Chris of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, ventures into the backwoods for some hicksploitation in the form of Wrong Turn.

This effort from 2003, has spawned countless sequels for reasons that are a bit tough to justify. There’s even a 2021 version of the flick, internationally known as Wrong Turn: The Foundation. It’s really tough to keep track of all of these.

The first one, follows a template that countless horrors have exploited: people with car trouble, who run into other people they shouldn’t, typically way off the beaten path.

Desmond Harrington (best known for Dexter) plays a doc who’s running late, and who takes a short cut through West Virginia. Bad move. He barrels into a car that’s stuck in the middle of the road, left there because traps were set that flayed its tires. The groups come together (no doubt they should’ve exchanged insurance info) and try and hike their way to safety. And it’s much more challenging than it would appear. Join the podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe!