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Really Awful Movies: Ep 368 – The Brain and Dark Night of the Scarecrow

On today’s episode, a demonstration of just how diverse the horror genre is. You can’t get any different properties than The Brain, a low-budget sci fi creature feature horror and Dark Night of the Scarecrow, a from beyond the grave revenge thriller that has more in common with Of Mice and Men than it does with say, The Changeling.

If you love horror like we do, you love all kinds of horror and that includes Canadian tax shelter films from the 80s, but also made-for-TV horror like Dark Night of the Scarecrow. And look at just how awesome these posters are. So sublime. Dark Night almost conjures up The Town that Dreaded Sundown…

The Brain is about a mad scientist (duh, right?) who runs a popular TV show. He is experimenting with mind control, via some tentacled alien creature holed up in a lab. Dark Night of the Scarecrow, meanwhile, is about a dimwitted farm hand who is summarily hunted down and executed for mauling a young girl, a crime he resolutely did not commit. And he torments his tormentors…in mysterious ways!

Really Awful Movies: Ep 344 – Wishmaster

Be careful what you wish for.

We return to 90s horror on the podcast, with a discussion of the somewhat under-the-radar (despite numerous sequels) fantasy horror, WISHMASTER.

We’ve got an ancient statue, inside of which is a cursed gemstone.

And inside of THAT, is a Djinn, one of those pre-Islamic, demon-type creatures that is pretty nasty, and isn’t one of those wish-granting ineffectual genie types we always see in the West.

And it’s unleashed to wreak havoc! What a plot right there, eh?

Directed by special effects whiz Robert Kurtzman, Wishmaster features a who’s who of horror legends…you’ve got Angus Scrimm, Tony Todd, Robert Englund (and more!).

Wishmaster is, as befitting a directory who cut his teeth doing practical effects for loads of flicks, pretty gory. Yes, the fantastical elements are goofy, but it’s well-written, has great characters, and frankly, has no business being as fun as it is.