Really Awful Movies: Ep 408 – Attachment

Two women, actress Maja and academic Leah, meet in a Copenhagen library. They soon connect and move in together, first in Denmark, then at Leah’s mom’s place in East London. Is this the stuff of a rom-com, or a horror? Fear not. Or, rather…fear. Before too long, strange occurrences begin happening. Attachment is set in […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 388 – The Barge People and Daughters of Darkness

Two very different movies on the podcast this week. The first, is a low budget British horror called The Barge People. It’s about, of all things, creatures that lurk about near canals and torment canal boaters. Hey, there’s something for everyone in horror, apparently. Two couples get together for a weekend getaway…floating down canals in […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 382 – Censor

On this episode of the podcast, a British Film Board Classification censor gets caught up in the work of an exploitation director. Here we are with Censor, a period piece set in 1980s London, during the peak of moral panic and the world of Video Nasties, so dubbed because they were deemed excessively violent. This […]