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Really Awful Movies: Ep 203 – The Psychic

Lucio Fulci’s The Psychic, while not nearly as gory as the canonical Fulci films, nonetheless bears some of the same trademark weirdness, and features…of course…a creepy house.

And in this house…bones are found!

We have a murder mystery on our hands, and blood is on someone’s hands…but whose? The house is owned by Francesco Ducci…and the bones are that of a young woman. Mr. Ducci is a womanizer, once dated the deceased, and that alone is enough to cast suspicions his way.

His sister Gloria, and wife Virginia (the titular Psychic) have to clear his name. And really, all they have to go on are some visions…clues that come to Virginia in a dreamlike state…

It’s these visions which, while not accurate, are accurate enough to get the plot rolling. There’s another married womanizer who dated the deceased, and was seen with her some time before she went missing. Is it him?

The Psychic, also known as Seven Notes in Black, and Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes, was filmed two years before Fulci blew our collective minds with his awesome, Zombi 2.

But you needn’t be a Fulci die-hard to appreciate the oddball film that is The Psychic.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 202 – The Fly II

The poster says it all…Like father, like son. The Fly II did gonzo box office but badly with the critics. And that’s a bit of a shame as this one is fun as hell.

Sure there’s no Cronenberg, Goldblum, Davis, etc. And those are big-time names. But director Chris Walas is game and gives us a solid oddball sequel that’s a smashing good time.

Martin Brundle is the son of Goldblum’s Seth. He’s birthed in Bartok Industries in spectacular fashion. Since Gina Davis wasn’t back, the folks behind this sequel did as best they could replicating her…and that was quite ingenious when you think about it.

Martin prematurely ages and is the subject of experimentation. Gradually, he starts to feel more and more fly-like (like pa) and when granted his freedom starts to explore.

The Fly II (1989) then goes really crazy and gory. Much more of a monster movie than the first, a psychological slow-burn, there is nonetheless lots of fun to be had here. And on our show too. Check out our Really Awful Movies Podcast for genre film discussion that’s smart, and mostly sober.