Really Awful Movies: Ep 450 – A look back at Demons

Stuck in a theatre and being attacked by…DEMONS! This week on the podcast, a look back at the inestimable Lamberto Bava classic, and all its weirdness. And there’s no time like the present to tackle this one, especially on the heels of Demons 3. Tune in, subscribe, and enjoy the show.      

Really Awful Movies: Ep 449 – Demons 3

This week on the podcast, an unheralded “sequel” to the first two Demons, which Demons 3 has nothing to do with. Oops. At least Lamberto Bava is in the director’s chair. We’re in Southern Italy. An American family is coming down from Milan on vacation, and they have rented a sprawling castle. What could possibly […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 447 – Kiss of the Vampire

On today’s episode, we turn to blood suckers and Hammer Horror for the criminally underappreciated and underrated, Kiss of the Vampire. Newlyweds find themselves in the company of a suave, debonair family in their ornate, stately home. You know the drill! That’s always what happens. What makes this one interesting is neither Peter Cushing nor […]