The Really Awful Movies Podcast is just a name. The movies aren’t really awful (although they can be). The title was inspired by the phrase “Why do you watch those awful movies?”

Really Awful Movies is primarily a horror and action film podcast, but frequently features all kinds of low budget genre cinema, whether it’s  musicals, monster movies or sci fi gems that get no love or have been relegated to the far reaches of YouTube, Tubi, or Netflix.

You can hear our reviews and interviews every week on the Really Awful Movies Podcast. [Here is the show link on iTunes]

What the critics are saying…

“…a truly nifty podcast that celebrates the world of b-movies that will likely become part of your week as soon as you listen to one episode…”

“..Few podcasts deconstruct horror, sci-fi and exploitative films with this much integrity….a well-composed joyride in B movie criticism…”
Yonge Street Media