Really Awful Movies: Ep 384 – Daniel Isn’t Real

This week on the Really Awful Movies Podcast, the often compelling imaginary friend horror film, Daniel Isn’t Real.

Luke is an undergrad plagued by trauma and anxiety. As a coping mechanism, he revivifies a childhood imaginary friend, Daniel, in part through the encouragement of his psychologist/therapist.

Where things go from there, is seriously haywire.

Set in Brooklyn, Daniel Isn’t Real is pretty good of its type. Tune in for a discussion! And check out Imaginary Friends in Horror Movies, written up on our Really Awful Movies review site.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 383 – Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker

This week on the podcast, Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker.

Young baller Billy, is looking for a hoops scholarship to the University of Denver. In his way, an overly doting aunt who is a bit of a nutjob, it turns out.

When Billy’s relationship with his coach gets closer, teammates start asking questions. When the coach’s male lover is murdered, that gets the police involved, and pointing a finger at Billy, especially a homophobic cop played by Bo Svenson.

Tune in, check out this intriguing little 1982 release, and of course, subscribe to the show.