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Really Awful Movies: Ep 170 – Technology and Horror films with the University of Toronto’s Kevin Chabot

Technology and horror. And where these intersect. It’s interesting subject matter, whether it’s ghost hunters trying to record evidence of supernatural beings, or new technologies that are changing the way we communicate with one another through an online interface.

Kevin Chabot is currently a Ph.D. student in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. He earned a Master’s degree from Carleton University where he completed a thesis titled Bodies Without Borders: Body Horror as Political Resistance in Classical Hollywood Cinema. His dissertation project will examine the paranormal, and found-footage cycle of horror films and how they engage with the changing technological media landscape.

His research interests more broadly include horror film, classic and contemporary film theory, medium specificity, and intermediality.

Chris from the Really Awful Movies Podcast chatted with Kevin at the University of Toronto, in a discussion that focuses on:

The Exorcist

Friday the 13th


Paranormal Activity

Black Christmas

The Purge

The Fly

…and many more

Really Awful Movies: Ep 149 – At Horror Rama with Jeff Lieberman, William Lustig and Geretta Geretta

On this episode of the podcast, from Toronto’s only horror convention, HORROR RAMA:

JEFF LIEBERMAN. The director of the incredible Squirm, Blue Sunshine, and Just Before Dawn talks about the enduring appeal of killer worm movies, as well as what inspired Squirm. Also part of the chat, Lieberman’s love of boxing, and his take on drug culture and making satirical productions.

WILLIAM LUSTIG. Bill Lustig chats with us about the making of Maniac, Maniac Cop, and his work at Blue Underground. We delve into the city of New York, the legacy of Robert Z’Dar and much more.

GERETTA GERETTA. The star of the Italian classic Demons, talks about how she got started in acting, and what it was like to star in Lamberto Bava’s incredible film.

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