Really Awful Movies: Ep 351 – The Boy Behind the Door

In The Boy Behind the Door, two young boys are kidnapped and taken to a remote farmhouse near some oil rigs. And terror awaits! Actually, lots of terror at least for the first hour, before things take a turn for the cheesy.

Join the podcast, and subscribe as we delve into this thriller from 2020, which stars the awesome Lonnie Chavis (This is Us) as Bobby.

This is a film produced by streaming service, Shudder, with two directors – which, though not as bad as an Alan Smithee production – doesn’t always bode well.

On this podcast, talk centres on the changing seasons, The Houses October Built, a POV horror centred on Halloween haunted houses, The Shining, Burnt Offerings, Candyman, and yes, The Boy Behind the Door and the sympathy generated by horror films that feature kid protagonists.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 350 – Overrated horror movies

A quick one this week, while we reboot and get back to regularly scheduled programming.

On the Really Awful Movies Podcast, a mini discussion starter: overrated films, or rather, films we didn’t quite warm to in the horror movie realm.

This includes, Train to Busan, Get Out/Us, Suspiria 2018 and Scream. Tune in. Or don’t. We don’t care!