Really Awful Movies: Ep 412 – Piranha 2010

This one is a sequel to the 1978 Joe Dante-directed classic, Piranha.

How does it hold up? Alexandre Aja is comfortable with remakes. After all, the really did amazing work on The Hills Have Eyes from 2006.

This one stars Jerry O’Connell and even has Richard Dreyfus in a spirited cameo. As well it should: every eco horror has Jaws in its debt.


Really Awful Movies: Ep 411 – Hush

On this episode of the podcast, Hush.

Mike Flanagan is a well-known director, most notably for the better-than-average, Doctor Sleep and for the sublime, Gerald’s Game, one of the better King adaptations ever made.

However, Hush may be a bit of a misfire, despite having a lot to commend it.

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