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Really Awful Movies: Ep 166 – Commando

There are a handful of movie stars who’re known by their first names. There’s Meryl, Clint, Harrison, Sylvester, and not to be outdone, Ah-nold. Commando blew out of the gates in the mid 80s, and it’s been tougher to recruit useless monosyllabic henchmen ever since.

Commando is so bad for the health of moronic goons, it needs its own epidemiologist. That’s why as hosts of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we absolutely had to discuss it. We love laying waste to goons!

The plot couldn’t be more ridiculous: someone kidnaps Arnold’s (here, John Matrix) daughter, to get him to overthrow some tin-pot dictator. But he’s got other plans. And those plans include gunning down every conspiring third rate militia man off the California coast.

He seeks out those who’ve captured the fruit of his loins, and is a one-man war machine, wreaking havoc/carnage all over.

Commando is glorious fun, full of one-liners, over-the-top killings, and explosions. It’s must-see material.



Really Awful Movies: Ep 155 – Stone Cold

stone-cold-posterStone Cold is a 1991 action movie about a biker gang, The Brotherhood, who are going after legal officials.

The brazen murder of a judge, sends the FBI into action. And that sent us into action. We love our action flicks, we love fights, we love explosions. The Really Awful Movies Podcast is all about that!

Brian Bosworth is Joe Huff (a great action movie name if there ever was one), a tough Southern cop, on suspension for beating the snot out of dirtniks in a convenience store.

He’s summoned by a wimpy agent, who along with colleagues, blackmail Huff into taking part in a dangerous mission: becoming a member of The Brotherhood, in order to infiltrate the gang.

The gang’s got deep ties to the mafia, and is led by the charismatic Chains (Lance Henriksen).

Meanwhile, Huff adopts a new ID: John Stone.

Will he be able to go from prospect to biker, and take down the outlaws? Or will his terrible fashion sense get in the way? CHECK OUT, STONE COLD.