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Really Awful Movies: Ep 352 – Mindhunter

David Fincher co-produced and directed a bunch of episodes of this popular series on Netflix, Mindhunter.

It’s about the FBI’s nascent behavioral sciences unit from the 70s, which came about to investigate serial killers and build a standardized questionnaire to better understand them.

This is a dark, foreboding series filmed in Rust Belt Pennsylvania, with terrific performances across the board.

Check out the latest episode of the podcast.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 350 – Overrated horror movies

A quick one this week, while we reboot and get back to regularly scheduled programming.

On the Really Awful Movies Podcast, a mini discussion starter: overrated films, or rather, films we didn’t quite warm to in the horror movie realm.

This includes, Train to Busan, Get Out/Us, Suspiria 2018 and Scream. Tune in. Or don’t. We don’t care!