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Really Awful Movies: Ep 161 – No Retreat, No Surrender

What reigns supreme? LA or Seattle karate? That’s a good question. And that’s one that is explored in the wacky chop-socky Karate Kid knock-off, No Retreat, No Surrender.

Jason Stillwell is a 3-year veteran of the deadly arts, but not nearly competent enough to either a) represent Seattle in a TV combat tournament or more importantly, b) defend himself against bullies. That’s where Bruce Lee comes in, not as inspiration, but from beyond the grave! Someone who bears a very superficial resemblance to Lee, tutors Jason about how to punch, kick, dodge punching bags, and find is inner chi/qi.

That sets up the final showdown, as Jason is in the fight of his life, with none other than The Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, better known as Jean-Claude Van Damme!


Really Awful Movies: Ep 130 – Crap of the Week: The Last Dragon and Wrong Turn

On this episode of the podcast, our segment, CRAP OF THE WEEK where we spring movies on one another, unplanned and unencumbered by pesky research.

First up, who knew Motown was involved in film production? Barry Gordy was the man behind the scenes for the bizarre The Last Dragon.

Directed by Michael Schultz (Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Cooley High), this martial arts exploitation musical came out in 1985 and stars Taimak and Vanity, two one-named stars a la Cher or Adele, except not famous.

Set in The Big Apple, the movie follows a martial artist named Leroy Green (a/k/a Bruce Leroy), who has dreams of becoming an iconic martial artist like his idol Bruce Lee.

Another martial artist, competitor Sho’nuff (!) sees Leroy as the only obstacle to being the true master of martial arts.

Not surprisingly, this received a critical drubbing. Were they right?

Listen for yourself!

Part II of this discussion features the largely forgettable but well-executed flick Wrong Turn, which has, for some reason, generated numerous sequels.

It’s a typical lost-in-the-woods slasher flick, unique in that Hamilton, Ontario substitutes for the wilds of West Virginia.

Desmond Harrington (Quinn from Dexter) is a doctor who gets in a car accident and finds himself stranded in the backwoods with some cyclists whose vehicle has been disabled. Unfortunately, the woods are inhabited by cannibal inbred hillbilly psychopaths!

Eliza Dushku and Emmanuelle Chriqui co-star.