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Really Awful Movies: Ep 356 – Exit Wounds

This week on the Really Awful Movies Podcast, perennial favorite, Steven Seagal. The portly aikido master has been a prominent fixture of our show, whether it’s efforts (if you’ll forgive the term) such as Submerged or Half Past Dead, or flicks made during the action star’s (widow) peak.

In Exit Wounds, lensed in Canada, Seagal portrays a world-weary (though isn’t he always?) cop on the mean streets of Detroit (actually, Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary). And one particularly precinct, the 15th, is corrupt as they come. And Seagal has to beat down a bunch of seedy criminals and crooked cops, which is great – as that’s how he earns the big bucks.

This one represents the actor’s last legit film, before being relegated to Euro purgatory and direct-to-video ham-fisted offerings.

So, put up your dukes, enjoy Bill Duke (and to a much lesser extent Tom Arnold) as well as Jill Hennessy and DMX, and tune into our podcast. Also, pick up a copy of our book, Mine’s Bigger than Yours! The 100 Wackiest Action Movies, our paean to all things butt-kickin’.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 335 – General Commander

Oh, we are back with Seagal! It’s been a year or more since we covered a Steven Seagal movie on the show, thanks to a moratorium due to the crappiness of his output. Now, it’s lifted.

And we are back, with General Commander. This one is a real doozy.

CIA agents must avenge the death of one of their colleagues. So, lead by Jake (Seagal) they go rogue.

And this takes the team through Southeast Asia, all to take out a badass Neapolitan Mafia goon.

Pretty standard stuff. It’s an action flick, so you got choppers, warehouses, beat downs, dumb proclamations, and zingers. What else do you need?