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Really Awful Movies: Ep 386 – Creep 2

On this episode of the podcast, the sequel to the excellent POV horror, Creep – Creep 2.

This flick is a 2017 found footage psychological horror film directed by Patrick Brice and co-written by Brice and Mark Duplass, also the co-star.

The film follows Aaron, the eponymous creep, and his efforts to get his story told by a struggling documentary filmmaker, Sara.

On this episode of the show, the perks and pitfalls of POV-style horror, suffering for one’s art, the importance of character development as opposed to narrative structure in horror, the humorous elements of horror, Blumhouse productions, and straight-ahead slashers.

Also part of the discussion: documentary filmmaking as an art form, and the exemplary Canadian documentary, A Better Man, by Attiya Khan, as well as When we Were Kings.



Really Awful Movies: Ep 377 – Scream

The 2022 Scream. Another unnecessary remake, or something worth your while? Surprisingly, the latter.

Tune in this week for a discussion of the iconic Ghostface-led franchise.

You’ve got a new cast of characters, familiar old faces, a lot of meta humor, lots of jocularity, and some good storytelling. In an era when most remakes or reboots fail spectacularly, nice to see something made with a bit of love, even if we admit we’re not the biggest series fans.