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Really Awful Movies: Ep 258 – Death Ship

Death Ship is a disaster movie, and a horror film (and some would maybe insert the words “of a” between “disaster” and “movie”).

In our books, this one’s super-fun and we thought it’d make excellent podcast fodder solely because of the poster and the cast.

A mysterious rusty freighter is sailing the high seas. There’s a cruise ship in the distance, captained by Ashland (played by Airport’s George Kennedy, so you know something calamitous is afoot)

The freighter alters course, and starts to bear down on the liner, interrupting one of those captain’s dinner / passenger shindigs.

Despite actions so evasive you’d think Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump were behind them, the two vessels collide!!

The next day, there’s a dinghy floating about in the open ocean, and it includes a waterlogged captain, his first mate (played by the Colonel Troutman dude from Rambo) and some surviving passengers and the dude who was a love interest on the hit TV series, Fraser.

Soon, the stranded survivors drift into the mysterious ship, which has a boarding ladder hanging into the water. They hop aboard, thinking they’re saved, but that could not be further from the truth.

You see, the ship’s been totally abandoned and is just drifting around as if it’s been possessed by some nefarious spirit. Spoiler alert: It friggin’ has.

Jeez, the Golden Era of horror, roughly speaking, was so much bloody fun. And even though Death Ship is as far removed from the likes of Friday the 13th or Halloween as you can get, it still manages to succeed because like those films, there’s a solid understanding that place matters. And this ship provides so much incredible atmosphere.

Is Death Ship (1980) a classic for the ages? Undoubtedly not, but it’s a warm blanket of nostalgia amidst choppy  seas.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 245 – Spookies

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, Spookies. Spookies is a 1986 American indie horror flick that has a lot of fans, despite its total ineptness.

The film was directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran (and probably several others). The plot, such as it is, follows a lost kid and a group of folks looking to party.

They find an abandoned, sprawling mansion and decide to explore. Inside, there’s an aging, decrepit warlock who needs souls to keep his young bride alive.

A teen boy, Billy, is running away from home ’cause his folks forgot his birthday. This a pretty pointless plot device, but anyway…

He encounters a drifter, who is violently killed after the two make awkward banter.

Billy stumbles on an old mansion where a room is decorated for birthday celebrations. Thinking it is a surprise by his parents, he opens a present to discover…(no spoilers here!!). He’s attacked by a werecat with a hook for a hand, and that’s that.

At the same time, a group of teenagers and some older adults come across the mansion intending to have a party, believing the mansion to be abandoned. They discovered a Ouija board and start to play.

However, the warlock is pissed. And that’s when shit started going down.

BadMovies.org said, “The center of the movie chronicles people stumbling through a very dark house. Every so often a creature or ghost menaces the disarrayed cast, but the audience’s chief enemy is the lack of lighting.”

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