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Really Awful Movies: Ep 239 – House

House. Here we go. We’re back to the 80s on this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast. It’s House, which stars three stalwarts of the TV world:William Katt, George Wendt, and Richard Moll (The Greatest American Hero, Cheers and Night Court).

Katt portrays a novelist, Roger Cobb, who needs a place of quiet contemplation to get some writing done. You’ve heard that one before, right? He takes over the domicile of his late aunt, whose suicide he’d witnessed as a young lad.

Soon, “his friends” start to join him (as the poster says).

One night while investigating a noise coming from his late aunt’s bedroom, the author is attacked by a deformed, hideous monster that’s been lurking inside the closet. Soon, more attacks occur: Cobb is attacked by levitating garden tools, and he begins to see visions of his ex wife and missing son.

Eventually Cobb discovers an entry into a sinister PORTAL TO HELL.

His jovial neighbor (and devoted fan), Harold (Wendt) offers a kind ear as he’s melting down.

House is best known for its poster, and yet it inexplicably spawned numerous sequels. Why? It’s because that was the thing to do. Especially if Sean S. Cunningham was involved.

House was directed by Halloween H20 director Steve Miner (interested folks can check out our discussion of that film). Is he up to the task?

What is the meaning of a homestead?

Where does this one fit in the haunted house realm?

Join us!



Really Awful Movies: Ep 228 – Witchboard

What would a party be without a Ouija board? Fun? Har. Har. OK, wags, admit it…you gotta love the ol’ Ouija board. What better way is there to contact the spirit world?

Witchboard is a fun 80s flick about that very phenomenon. The director is the same guy behind site favorite, Night of the Demons, so you gotta figure this one has the same goofy aesthetic. And you’d be correct.

Video vamp Tawny Kitaen stars as Linda, a woman who becomes obsessed with a Ouija board after being introduced to it at a party one night. She contacts the spirit of a young boy, David, and in doing so…opens up a Pandora’s box of evil.

Along for the ride, spurned lover, Brandon, along with fiance, Jim.

As Linda keeps toying with the board, a bunch of unfortunate events start to occur. This requires an intervention: not a psychiatrist, mind you, but a spirit medium.

Witchboard was such an 80s staple, seemingly everywhere on video store shelves. It was tepidly received at the box office, but continued to have a life beyond on via rental.

Your hosts delve into all things “wee-jee?”, “wee-jah?” Whatever way you slice it…this is a fun one.

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