Really Awful Movies: Ep 432 – Demonia

Fulci lives! Today on the Really Awful Movies podcast, the underseen, Lucio Fulci directed and co-written feature, Demonia. A mob of villagers attacks five nuns in 15th century Sicily. Liza, an archeological grad student in Toronto, of all places, has vision of this disturbing event via a séance centuries later. Soon, Liza and a University […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 428 – Slaxxx

This week on the podcast, a return to the Canadian province of Quebec. Slaxxx is a low-budget horror lensed in the region, about, of all things…a killer pair of jeans. On this episode of the show, “fast fashion,” personifying inanimate objects in horror, Montreal-area horrors, the makings of an effective horror film, unique horror movie […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 422 – Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger

On this episode of the podcast, Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger, two low-budget horror films. What links these two together is they’re both micro-budget horrors with a cult following, more so for the Troma production. In Killdozer, as the name overtly suggests, a construction vehicle becomes sentient and well…kills! Shocker, sometimes literally. And in The […]