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Really Awful Movies: Ep 203 – The Psychic

Lucio Fulci’s The Psychic, while not nearly as gory as the canonical Fulci films, nonetheless bears some of the same trademark weirdness, and features…of course…a creepy house.

And in this house…bones are found!

We have a murder mystery on our hands, and blood is on someone’s hands…but whose? The house is owned by Francesco Ducci…and the bones are that of a young woman. Mr. Ducci is a womanizer, once dated the deceased, and that alone is enough to cast suspicions his way.

His sister Gloria, and wife Virginia (the titular Psychic) have to clear his name. And really, all they have to go on are some visions…clues that come to Virginia in a dreamlike state…

It’s these visions which, while not accurate, are accurate enough to get the plot rolling. There’s another married womanizer who dated the deceased, and was seen with her some time before she went missing. Is it him?

The Psychic, also known as Seven Notes in Black, and Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes, was filmed two years before Fulci blew our collective minds with his awesome, Zombi 2.

But you needn’t be a Fulci die-hard to appreciate the oddball film that is The Psychic.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 197 – Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is a 1987 Canadian slasher film directed by Bruce Pittman, and starring Michael Ironside. If that isn’t enough enticement to make you wanna watch, we don’t know what is. Frankly, Michael Ironside is a genre icon. C’mon, look at this resume, people: Scanners, Visiting Hours, Total Recall, Starship Troopers…

He plays Billy, a 60s teen with an impossibly receding hairline, who’s gettin’ down to Little Richard at the prom. After being rebuffed by the queen, one Mary Lou (from whose name the movie title derives) he angrily lobs a stink bomb toward her as she’s accepting her crown in front of adoring masses. Unfortunately, things go haywire, the incendiary devices ignites a spark, the drapes catch fire, and so does Mary Lou.

Flash forward to the 80s, and Billy is now high school principal at ill-fated Hamilton High. And the spirit of Mary Lou, is haunting the halls, like bad Axe deodorant spray. Mary Lou’s trapped in a treasure chest, and emerges, to haunt those who did her wrong.

Prom Night II doesn’t have Jamie Lee Curtis or Leslie Nielsen (and hell, Robert A. Silverman too, he of Scanners, eXistenZ, The Brood), but what it does have is the same low-budget cheap-and-cheerful Canadiana (it’s filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, with some re-shoots in Toronto). There’s also some supernatural weirdness and sinister dreamscapes going on.

This is a much better film than we remember.