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Really Awful Movies: Ep 301 – Final Destination

This week on the Really Awful Movies Podcast, the film that launched a somewhat inexplicably popular franchise, kinda like Subway Restaurants…Final Destination!  Hey, that’s not quite a slight…every now and then, a meatball sub hits the spot, right?

A bunch of kids are boarding a plane for France (or, pre-boarding, the phrase that really irked the late, great George Carlin). One member of the class has a premonition, wigs out, and demands to get off the aircraft causing quite a commotion.

A bunch of others soon follow, including a teacher/chaperone and BOOOOOOOM, the jet explodes over JKF Airport.

Who is this kid with the horrifying vision? (and with the bad ‘N Sync boy-band ‘do?). That’s what the NTSB wants to find out, that’s what the FBI wants to find out…and that’s what viewers will wanna find out.

James Wong (Black Christmas) directs…and Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek) plays a good jock villain. Devon Sawa is the kid who can see into the future…

So sit back, put your seat in a reclining position….and check out the latest installment of the show.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 299 – Poltergeist

We’re BAAAAAA-CK. We had a brief book-related hiatus and are back to our regularly scheduled programming. So, here goes. Poltergeist. 

The Tobe Hooper-directed (with lots of help from Steven Spielberg) effort from the early 80s is one many of us hold in very high regard, despite it being from a horror sub-genre that’s personally not our cup of tea.

It’s undoubtedly memorable, especially young Heather O’Rourke as the iconic kid who is sucked into a television, a portal to some nether-region. With Craig T Nelson as the uber-dad, this is a solid ensemble effort, acting wise, and the twin directorial team (har har) pull out some pretty choice practical effects and imbue this with a lot of heart and story.

Apologies in advance for some technical difficulties on this discussion of the Really Awful Movies Podcast. Thanks to the global pandemic, we have not been able to get together and don’t have our fantastic equipment at our disposal (big shout-out to Yeti mics). The quasi-new show is a work in progress as we try various means to record ourselves without sounding too too lousy.

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