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Really Awful Movies: Ep 391 – Head of the Family

Head of the Family!

Who doesn’t like a low budget exploitation horror? Especially one with an obvious double entendre like that.

This episode of the podcast is all about the legendary Charles Band, a man responsible for a huge swath of the movies we’ve binged for years and years, and who directed this cheap and cheerful mid-90s hybrid sci fi zombie horror.

On this episode, a breakdown of disembodied head movies from The Brain that Wouldn’t Die to Re-Animator, Full Moon Features, the name “Otis” and its prominence in horror, particularly among trashy hicksploitation villains, the home movie scene in the 80s, the changing nature of how we consume films, and much, much more!


Really Awful Movies: Ep 381 – Virus 32

On this week’s podcast, Virus: 32.

It’s a zombie/outbreak movie that’s lensed in Montevideo, Uruguay. So that’s a first, though this reviewer has seen Argentinian horror movies, and this is a co-production.

It tells the story of a mom, Iris, who is irresponsible, young and a boozer who has a young daughter and shares custody with the dad, Javier. When the outbreak happens, and the streets of Montevideo are overrun with the walking dead, she has to man up, as it were, and take care of her offspring and fend for herself.

Does this film reinvent the wheel? Hardly, but there is some meat here and the positive reviews are largely justified.

On this podcast, outbreak movies like Contagion and Train to Busan. The similarities between this film and 28 Days Later, the appeal of zombie films, the template on which they’re based, Italian gut munchers, scene settings, the importance of character development in a zombie flick, and much more!