Really Awful Movies: Ep 456 – Alice, Sweet Alice

This week on the show, Alice, Sweet Alice – a classic horror from the 1970s. A young girl, Karen (played by Brooke Shields) meets an untimely end in this religious-themed regional slasher by director Alfred Sole. Karen is murdered by an unknown assailant in a yellow raincoat and creepy translucent mask. And speaking of yellow, […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 455 – Dolly Dearest

This week, a shortened version of the podcast, as befits a shortened week: Dolly Dearest. A few short years post-Child’s Play, another sentient doll movie nearly graced cinemas. Well, some cinemas as this got minimal distribution. It features a cast that includes Denise Crosby and Rip Torn, so there’s that. And the poster art is […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 449 – Demons 3

This week on the podcast, an unheralded “sequel” to the first two Demons, which Demons 3 has nothing to do with. Oops. At least Lamberto Bava is in the director’s chair. We’re in Southern Italy. An American family is coming down from Milan on vacation, and they have rented a sprawling castle. What could possibly […]