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Really Awful Movies: Ep 447 – Kiss of the Vampire

On today’s episode, we turn to blood suckers and Hammer Horror for the criminally underappreciated and underrated, Kiss of the Vampire. Newlyweds find themselves in the company of a suave, debonair family in their ornate, stately home. You know the drill! That’s always what happens. What makes this one interesting is neither Peter Cushing nor […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 446 – Meatcleaver Massacre

Meatcleaver Massacre, AKA, Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre! This is a 70s affair, with an intro by none other than Christopher Lee. Unbeknownst to the legend, he was to shoot an intro for a different movie, and ended up in this – resulting in a lawsuit. All said and done, however, this one is an interesting curiosity […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 445 – Stage Fright

This week on the podcast, Michele Soavi’s Stage Fright AKA Deleria. This is an 80s Italian horror that’s based around a theatrical production all about, you guessed it, a murderer on the loose. Does art imitate life? Is the Pope Catholic? This is a super fun flick from a protégé of Dario Argento and Lucio […]