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Really Awful Movies: Ep 467 – The Running Man

Oh no, a fight-to-the-death TV show, which entertains the masses in a far off, dystopian future! The Running Man can certainly count its place among…these kinds of movies. It’s certainly not the worst of its type, and it’s far from the best. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an LA cop, who disobeyed a command which would’ve killed […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 466 – The Hills Have Eyes

This week, a look back at the Wes Craven classic from 1977, The Hills Have Eyes. The Carter family takes a detour to check out a silver mine in the remote, Nevada desert. Soon, they find themselves at the mercy of…well…a nuclear family. Tune into the show, and don’t forget: new episodes are uploaded every […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 465 – Yummy

This week on the show, some Euro horror in the form of Yummy. Medical tourists venture to some sketchy hospital in Eastern Europe for some cosmetic procedures only to find out…the surgeries are far from routine. What lurks inside the institution is…well…tune in and find out. If you’re into body horror, laced with zany comedy, […]