Really Awful Movies: Ep 458 – Zombeavers

This week on the podcast, add another critter to the list of creature features/nature run amok flicks. If you thought rabbits in Night of the Lepus was pushing the envelope, well…here…we’ve got beavers. Zombeavers is from the producers of American Pie, so there are of course lots of the expected jokes. This one debuted at […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 451 – Shakma

On this episode of the podcast, the killer monkey movie, Shakma! We turn our gaze to the 90s, and to this animal / nature run amok flick, which, all things considered, remains a lesser known sub genre entry. Roddy McDowall plays a research scientist, and he’s working at a facility doing strange experiments. All the […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 429 – Megaboa

This week on the podcast…snakes and snake-related nature run amok flicks. We shine the spotlight on Megaboa, a 2021 affair, featuring a prof and some grad students fending off a giant snake on a tropical island. Unlike other animal attack genres, snake horror flicks have yet to produce a bona fide classic, a la Jaws […]