Really Awful Movies: Ep 445 – Stage Fright

This week on the podcast, Michele Soavi’s Stage Fright AKA Deleria. This is an 80s Italian horror that’s based around a theatrical production all about, you guessed it, a murderer on the loose. Does art imitate life? Is the Pope Catholic? This is a super fun flick from a protégé of Dario Argento and Lucio […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 444 – The Conference

We turn our eyes to Sweden on the podcast, and check in on the spirited and gory horror-comedy, The Conference. More accurately a corporate retreat, the folks behind a contentious shopping mall development head out to some rustic cabins to brainstorm and team-build and all that fun stuff. They do some zip lining, eat and […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 442 – Silent Night, Bloody Night

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone. Today on the podcast, the 70s horror curiosity, Silent Night, Bloody Night. The mansion. The madness. The Maniac. No Escape. A lawyer and his paramour are tending to an estate, converting a sprawling mansion into equity. The scion of the Butler family, Jeffrey, meanwhile, leaves California for New […]