Really Awful Movies: Ep 335 – General Commander

Oh, we are back with Seagal! It’s been a year or more since we covered a Steven Seagal movie on the show, thanks to a moratorium due to the crappiness of his output. Now, it’s lifted. And we are back, with General Commander. This one is a real doozy. CIA agents must avenge the death […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 332 – Angel Town

Ah, the City of Angels…La-La Land…Whatever you wanna call it, Los Angeles conjures up a lot of images in people’s minds, whether it’s Charles Bukowski, Hollywood movie stars, hair metal, smog, plastic surgery, the nascent gangsta rap scene of the 90s, urban sprawl/decay…and of course…Latino stereotypes! Angel Town is all about the latter two, and […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 328 – Recoil

Stone Cold Steve Austin stars in Recoil, a Canadian-lensed revenge action film. And to up the glowering ante, there’s also Danny Trejo as the chief antagonists. Somebody quick, flash a smile! Austin is Ryan, a Texas cop (what else?) whose family has been murdered in ostentatious fashion (basically, a shootout with five gang members bedecked […]