Really Awful Movies: Ep 30 – Rhinestone

Can she turn this cabbie into an overnight singing sensation?

Sylvester Stallone couldn’t hold a tune if you duct-taped one to his chest. Rhinestone is hilarious and the one film Sly wish he hadn’t made (but we’re glad he did).

An Indecent Proposal crossed with Hee Haw, Rhinestone is a total mess but lots of fun.

Sly turned down the lead in Beverly Hills Cop to appear in this “piece of poo poo.”

Dolly is “Jake,” a singing star in Midtown Manhattan who takes Sly (“Nick”) to Tennessee for a country music boot camp. There’s lots at stake: if she can’t deliver, she can’t get out of her contract and has to sleep with her manager (!?)

There are terrible stereotypes (Italians, Southerners), terrible songs, terrible performances…This is a must-see.

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