***A special edition of the podcast, from Shock Stock!***

Shock Stock is a fun-filled horror convention/festival, which takes place in London Ontario, three hours outside of Toronto and two hours outside of Detroit Michigan.

This is a three-day celebration of all things horror. And if the event itself wasn’t enough, there are some damn-fine parties associated with it (and we couldn’t help but indulge). We salute Shock Stock with this podcast.

We had a chance to chat with (in order of appearance):

Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead, Hatchet, Platoon, Final Destination, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds)

Edwin Neal (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Future-Kill, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Apocalypse, Stage Fright, City of the Living Dead)

Shotzi Blackheart (Miss Shock Stock contestant, independent wrestler)

Ron MacKay (Convention Manager at Troma Entertainment)

Starlotte Dresen (Miss Shock Stock contestant, burlesque performer)

Toxie the Toxic Avenger (Superhero)

Jessie Lee (Killer Kleavage from Outer Space, Vampire Cheerleaders)

Kelly Michael Stewart (Festival Director, The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival)

Jeramie Rain (The Last House on the Left)

Luis Ceriz (Suspect Video and co-founder of Toronto horror con, Horror Rama)