Really Awful Movies: Ep 167 – The Changeling

A superficially straight-ahead ghost story, there’s much more to The Changeling than meets the eye. There’s also a political procedural aspect to this, which is probably a bit less than successful, but that which keeps things interesting.

Well-known in horror circles as among the best of its kind, The Changeling will delight fans of the supernatural.

You really can’t go wrong with George C. Scott. He was Patton after all.

Scott portrays Professor Russell, a grieving music composition instructor who takes a gig teaching in the Pacific Northwest, after losing his family in a horrific crash.

And he’s gotta find somewhere to live right? Well, what better place than a sprawling, creepy Victorian mansion?

It’s rented to him by a woman, Claire, who provides a sounding board for Russell, who confides in her that he’s sensing unnerving things in the abode.

And of course, a spiritual medium is called in to see who’s haunting the house. It turns out to be someone somewhat unexpected.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 166 – Commando

There are a handful of movie stars who’re known by their first names. There’s Meryl, Clint, Harrison, Sylvester, and not to be outdone, Ah-nold. Commando blew out of the gates in the mid 80s, and it’s been tougher to recruit useless monosyllabic henchmen ever since.

Commando is so bad for the health of moronic goons, it needs its own epidemiologist. That’s why as hosts of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we absolutely had to discuss it. We love laying waste to goons!

The plot couldn’t be more ridiculous: someone kidnaps Arnold’s (here, John Matrix) daughter, to get him to overthrow some tin-pot dictator. But he’s got other plans. And those plans include gunning down every conspiring third rate militia man off the California coast.

He seeks out those who’ve captured the fruit of his loins, and is a one-man war machine, wreaking havoc/carnage all over.

Commando is glorious fun, full of one-liners, over-the-top killings, and explosions. It’s must-see material.