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Really Awful Movies: Ep 305 – The Mist

On this week’s episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, Stephen King’s The Mist.

Much like John Carpenter’s The Fog, an inclement weather system has residents of a small Maine town perplexed. Residents witness a parade of military trucks heading into town, and soon they find the weather enveloping them all.

A few of the townsfolk end up hunkering down in a local grocery store, and soon are at one another’s throats as to what to do. This is compounded by their being under attack by creatures hiding in the mist.

One of the better Stephen King adaptations, this one was directed by Frank Darabont, a veteran of classics like The Shawshank Redemption. He clearly knows his King and this one is somewhat inspired by Night of the Living Dead, as well as Alien.

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 302 – Dog Soldiers

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies podcast, the directorial debut of Neil Marshall (The Descent) and what a debut it is! Dog Soldiers.

Six British soldiers are carrying out a training mission in the wilds of Scotland, and they come across a Special Forces Op with severe gashes to his torso. What could have befallen him?

The crew, under the watch of one Sergeant Wells (the outstanding Sean Pertwee) soon finds itself having to deal with what’s lurking in the deep, dark woods.

They band together, and with the help of another Highlands denizen, beat back their adversary.

Character driven and action packed, Dog Soldiers is an exemplary genre bender that’s really well executed.

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