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Really Awful Movies: Ep 128 – Fantasia Fest

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival is an incredible genre film festival that’s been going strong since the mid 1990s, “the most important and prestigious genre festival on the continent” according to Quentin Tarantino.

Jeff from the Really Awful Movies Podcast had the pleasure of attending the Fest for the first time this summer.

On this episode, a focus on three stellar film standouts: The Unseen, Bed of the Dead and Some Freaks.

Please see the list of interviewees below:


Writer/Director Geoff Redknap (Makeup/effects for Deadpool/The Cabin in the Woods)


Director and co-writer Jeff Maher, co-writer Cody Calahan, actor Colin Price, producers Chad Archibald and Christopher Giroux.


Writer/director Ian MacAllister-McDonald and actress Lily Mae Harrington.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 85 – Crappy Movies of the Week


Anthrophagus is in the Italian cannibal genre, an outputting one to many. Director Joe D’Amato is responsible for this one, as well as many of the Emanuelle exploitation movies.

And he was a busy man. He made 200 films, many of which are…in the adult genre.

Anthrophagus was on the Video Nasties list in the UK, deemed too extreme to release. Does it live up to the hype?


Also on the show, a discussion about the James Dickey novel Deliverance, and Rituals, a Canadian variant on the infamous Ned Beatty movie.

Instead of four guys in a Georgia gorge (say that three times fast), Canadian doctors go on a fishing trip. And they face something equally as terrifying in Northern Ontario. Also known as The Creeper, this 1977 production actually features legit actors, notably, the legendary Hal Halbrook.

And it’s not crap! Quite the contrary!