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Really Awful Movies: Ep 204 – Bells

It’s time to talk tech on the podcast! Since we already covered, Don’t Answer the Phone! we thought we’d approach another communications movie, Bells, aka, Murder by Phone! Call it a preoccupation, not a hang up (!) of ours. Oooh, that was deliciously bad.

This one is a Canuxploitation not-quite-classic from the 1980s, back when government-funded drek was all the rage. For whatever reason, Bells has Richard Chamberlain and John Houseman, two actual, bona fide actors. Why? Not sure.

Even Oscar-winning actors have to appear in something called Murder by Phone once in a while.

What’s fun about this crappy flick is that it’s set in Toronto. But not just that. It features the TTC, which we called “Take the Car” as kids, but actually stands for the Toronto Transit Commission. There are also scenes of Bay St, our financial district, and other fun locales.

As for the movie…it’s not much…but killer technology is hella fun, and a killer phone made its way into our book, Death by Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons.

You’ll enjoy (sorta) this movie. There’s a lot to love, and just as much to loathe. Come join us every week as we champion misbegotten horror, sci fi, action, musical and post-apocalyptic wasteland movies.



Really Awful Movies: Ep 202 – The Fly II

The poster says it all…Like father, like son. The Fly II did gonzo box office but badly with the critics. And that’s a bit of a shame as this one is fun as hell.

Sure there’s no Cronenberg, Goldblum, Davis, etc. And those are big-time names. But director Chris Walas is game and gives us a solid oddball sequel that’s a smashing good time.

Martin Brundle is the son of Goldblum’s Seth. He’s birthed in Bartok Industries in spectacular fashion. Since Gina Davis wasn’t back, the folks behind this sequel did as best they could replicating her…and that was quite ingenious when you think about it.

Martin prematurely ages and is the subject of experimentation. Gradually, he starts to feel more and more fly-like (like pa) and when granted his freedom starts to explore.

The Fly II (1989) then goes really crazy and gory. Much more of a monster movie than the first, a psychological slow-burn, there is nonetheless lots of fun to be had here. And on our show too. Check out our Really Awful Movies Podcast for genre film discussion that’s smart, and mostly sober.