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Really Awful Movies: Ep 235 – The Driller Killer

Another Video Nasty! On this week’s episode, the unusually arty low-budget slasher, The Driller Killer. Actually, calling it a slasher is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more of a character study of a brooding artist’s breakdown. This is a weird beast, and not what you’d entirely expect given the era, the budget, and the cast of amateurs involved (save for auteur, Abel Ferrara, the indie legend who went on to direct the infamous, Bad Lieutenant and King of New York).

Ferrara (credited as Jimmy Laine) plays Reno Miller. Reno is a tortured artist, tortured by a murky past and an uncertain future. He lives with a harem of girls in the East Village in the height of the punk rock boom in NYC. And he’s surrounded by human misery, squalor and degradation. And that’s just his studio apartment (ba-dum-ching). His milieu is a haven for drug and alcohol abuse, and poverty.

But look at the title, folks. Invariably, he descends into madness and…well, you know the drill (bam!) Forgive us that one, dear readers.

The Driller Killer is worth checking out. Made on a shoestring, with no city permits (guerrilla-style) it has a lot to commend it. As does our podcast, if we may be so bold. Check out the Really Awful Movies Podcast, for weekly genre chat.

Really Awful Movies: Ep 222 – Killer Condom

Killer Condom! The title is pretty self-explanatory. Leave it to Lloyd Kaufman, one of our heroes, to pick this thing up for North American distribution so that people on these shores could be Troma-tized by the film.

A German language comedy horror set in New York City, Killer Condom does what few comedy horrors have managed to do, and that is successfully mix horror and comedy in equal measure. That’s not an indictment of comedy-horror at all, it’s merely the fact that one usually comes at the expense the other.

Set in squalid pre-Giuliani New York City, Killer Condom follows our grumbling, embittered hero, gay Detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel). The NYPD man has been hired to investigate a series of bizarre attacks at the Hotel Quickie, a 42nd Street flea-bag motel where male guests have all had their penises mysteriously chomped.

While at the scene, he hooks up with a gigolo named Billy and invites him up to the scene of the crime. Before the twosome engage in sex, a carnivorous living condom coitus interrupts them and bites off Mackeroni’s right testicle.

Down one ball, Mackeroni makes it personal. He begins a quest to bring a halt to the tumescent tumult.

Surprisingly heart-filled, Killer Condom is a whimsical delight.