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Really Awful Movies: Ep 181 – The Evil Within

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most f-ed up of them all? On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, a discussion of the long-time coming, plagued Andrew Getty-directed/written production, The Evil Within.

The Evil Within came and went in 2017. However, it did generate media coverage. Just not the good kind. The Guardian weighed in on the production of the film, some 15 years in the making, and discussed the labour of love which eventually brought it to, if not the big screen, then the Amazon streaming screen.

Andrew Getty (he of the Getty oil fortune) put his heart and soul into this film, his one and only movie as this was released posthumously when Getty died at the age of 43.

At the heart of The Evil Within is a story of brotherly love, John as custodian/caretaker of mentally-challenged Dennis. Dennis, is plagued by terrible nightmares, the only respite from which is doing the bidding of the evil “Storyteller” (played by the inimitable Michael Berryman, who communicates with Dennis through an antique mirror). Once the requests become more and more sinister, the homestead/community is threatened. Dennis goes from animal killing / taxidermy, to prey of the two-legged variety, offing the local ice cream girl.

This is set against the backdrop of brother John, and his current squeeze Lydia, who is not happy with what she perceives as a figure, Dennis, who’s dragging down hers and John’s romance and future nuptials.

The Evil Within, despite being nearly a decade and a half in the making, comes with well-earned scares. It’s a shame it’s been overlooked.

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast:

  • Freud, Jung, and dreams
  • Horror films featuring mirrors
  • The meaning behind mirrors
  • The man, the legend, Michael Berryman
  • What plagues our own nightmares
  • Howard Stern’s Wack Pack/Matthew McGrory
  • How long does it take for something to be considered a cult classic?

Really Awful Movies: Ep 177 – Grizzly and The Car with Scott Drebit of Daily Dead

On this special episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast…two movies “inspired” by the great JAWS, The Car and Grizzly.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat…and we’re going to need a special guest too.

We decided to bring back one of our favorite people in the horror community, a gentleman and a scholar, Scott Drebit from Daily Dead (who’s previously joined us to talk about all sorts of terrific eco-horror films) to chat about these two very similar films.

If there’s ANY type of creature, from the slimiest little protozoa to the largest blow-hole spewing whale, that’s going around killing people…SIGN US UP.

We really dig animal attack fare, and yes, The Car is a a killer sentient vehicle…but in the film, the title car still adopts the mannerisms of a predatory creature…huffing and stalking its human prey. And both films feature the killer POV as a car/grizzly hunts down victims.

The 70s was a fertile time for horror, and it’s easy to forget just how weird and undeniably fun the films were.

On this episode of the podcast, we delve into these topics:

  • Blumhouse offerings, from Get Out to Split and Sinister
  • The Editor
  • The Void
  • Why it is that certain creatures in the animal kingdom are frequently depicted, while others not
  • The excellent square-chin presence of iconic Christopher George
  • The similarities between the characters chasing the giant bear in Grizzly, to the cast in Jaws
  • The awesome force that was the late William Girdler
  • The predatory instincts of sentient vehicles
  • The fantastic facial hair of James Brolin
  • How everyone does not love a parade
  • How it is that someone playing a French horn met their demise
  • Ratings and how films were violent and yet easily accessible to the (younger) masses in the 70s.
  • What’s up with John Carpenter
  • The upcoming summer blockbuster season

And much much more!