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Really Awful Movies: Ep 335 – General Commander

Oh, we are back with Seagal! It’s been a year or more since we covered a Steven Seagal movie on the show, thanks to a moratorium due to the crappiness of his output. Now, it’s lifted.

And we are back, with General Commander. This one is a real doozy.

CIA agents must avenge the death of one of their colleagues. So, lead by Jake (Seagal) they go rogue.

And this takes the team through Southeast Asia, all to take out a badass Neapolitan Mafia goon.

Pretty standard stuff. It’s an action flick, so you got choppers, warehouses, beat downs, dumb proclamations, and zingers. What else do you need?

Really Awful Movies: Ep 334 – Bats

The title says it all: Bats.

In this animal attack flick from the late 1990s, La Bamba Lou Diamond Phillips stars as a small town Arizona sheriff called in to investigate a strange homicide. The coroner is befuddled during the post-mortem.

A chiropterologist is on the case too, as the deaths are linked to the flying furry mammals.

Soon, we find out there’s some sinister scientist up to no good that’s caused this mess to happen. Surprised? No? After all, this is a pretty popular cliché of the genre.

Still, there are some decent enough performances in this. And it’s smarter than it appears, even if it’s not the greatest in terms of execution.

Tune in!