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Really Awful Movies: Ep 387 – Hayride

We have covered regional horrors here, Offerings, Unhinged, The Legend of Boggy Creek, etc. And now, Hayride, lensed in Alabama on a shoestring budget.

This one featured an escaped lunatic on the loose, unsuspecting townies, and of course, a hayride. This is a Halloween-set flick, spirited, amateurish, somewhat fun…

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 379 – Gutshot Straight

Today’s podcast is Gutshot Straight.

We are on the Strip in Las Vegas. And Jack is a degenerate gambler, whose losses are mounting to the point where he can’t pay his bar tab. Uh oh. We’ve all been there.

He’s hooked up with a mover and shaker, Duffy, who offers him wagers of increasing magnitude. And soon…well, things go south.

An intriguing plot, right? Plus, Vinnie Jones and Steven Seagal are in this – however briefly! However, don’t be fooled: this is an often languid, dialogue-driven affair. When it comes times to beat down unibrows, Stevie is nowhere to be found (probably off at the buffet table). Check out the latest installment of the podcast, as we dive into Vegas movies, appearances by b-listers like Tia Carrere, the UFC, Seagal’s later direct-to-video (DTV) “efforts.”