Really Awful Movies: Ep 429 – Megaboa

This week on the podcast…snakes and snake-related nature run amok flicks. We shine the spotlight on Megaboa, a 2021 affair, featuring a prof and some grad students fending off a giant snake on a tropical island. Unlike other animal attack genres, snake horror flicks have yet to produce a bona fide classic, a la Jaws […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 422 – Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger

On this episode of the podcast, Killdozer and The Toxic Avenger, two low-budget horror films. What links these two together is they’re both micro-budget horrors with a cult following, more so for the Troma production. In Killdozer, as the name overtly suggests, a construction vehicle becomes sentient and well…kills! Shocker, sometimes literally. And in The […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 392 – David Gordon Green Halloween Movies

On this week’s episode of the podcast, a brief look back at Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. What mark has David Gordon Green left on this iconic franchise? The last film entry has proven divisive, while there’s consensus that’s emerged, that 2018 is the best of the three. Is that the case? On […]