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Really Awful Movies: Ep 399 – Emily the Criminal

This week on the podcast, we close out the year with Emily the Criminal, a taut, tense thriller about credit card scheming which stars Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy).

In the film, a down on her luck Emily, meets the charismatic Youcef, and together, they bilk big box retailers and car thieves out of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, Emily, is halfheartedly trying to live life on the straight and narrow with the assistance of a friend, Liz, a high-powered advertising executive who can pull a few strings.

This is a film that’s well-deserving of its kudos.

On the latest episode of the podcast:

  • Film noir plots
  • The work of Aubrey Plaza
  • The big score, and the allure of the criminal lifestyle
  • Ex-jewel thief Larry Lawton
  • What drives people to a life of petty and then increasingly more lucrative crime

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Really Awful Movies: Ep 397 – Vacancy

This week on the podcast…check in, and make sure you can check out. Vacancy is a motel horror a la Mountaintop Motel Massacre, Psycho, 13 Cameras, The Rental, No Tell Motel, the Innkeepers…it’s a list that’s seemingly endless.

What isn’t, our fascination with these kinds of films.

It couldn’t get more simple: feuding couple (Kate Beckinsale/Luke Wilson) run into car trouble. Unfortunately, Triple AAA isn’t around to jumpstart them back to the road and their in-laws. And they’re compelled to stay in a crappy fleabag roadside inn. Think of Rodney Dangerfield: “this was a dumpy motel I tell you. They stole MY towels.”

Soon, there’s banging on the door and something sinister afoot. As well there should be: it’s a horror film! Watch Vacancy, and check out this discussion.