yorIn our inaugural podcast, we look at the campy, prehistoric Yor, The Hunter from the Future, a muscle-bound loincloth guy who saves the damsel in distress and her tribe kinda flick.

We also look at Italian directors who take on Anglicized names, how the cave-people all seem to resemble a hippie George Harrison and how the dinosaur special effects are decidedly less than enthralling.

Also, there’s a clip and discussion about the movie’s virtually indecipherable 1983 Golden Raspberry Award nominee for original song, and how Cappadocia, Turkey was used as a very budget-friendly locale for shooting rip-off sci fi films.

In the book, The Official Razzie Movie Guide: Enjoying the Best of Hollywoods Worst they say that the title character Yor (played by former NCAA footballer Reb Brown) has Doris Day’s hair. We beg to differ. It’s more He-Man by way of Joan Rivers.

Hear about how we’re very pro Cro-Magnon in our review of Yor, The Hunter from the Future.

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