On this episode of the The Really Awful Movies Podcast, Chris and Jeff break down the differences between zombies and demons (it’s hardly very subtle), in this program that’s devoted to two Italian horror classics: Lamberto Bava’s Demons films, which are fun, and extraordinarily gory, if plot-thin.

The basic synopsis: media transform people into violent, bloodthirsty creatures. Is it a metaphor for how horror movies desensitize us to violence? Don’t give these films too much credit.

In Demons, it’s movie theatre-goers turned into fanged, rapacious zombies, nay, demons after watching a film.

And in Demons 2, denizens of a high-rise apartment in Germany, change after watching a spooky film.

We love demons. Our podcast artwork is inspired by it and they’re both lunkheaded, gory, awesome movies.

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