Miami Connection might very well be the worst film of all time. It definitely rivals The Room.

The movie features a band of University of Central Florida orphans, led inexplicably by a Korean dojo master twenty years their senior, whose mandate for this unorthodox musical act is to “spread taekwondo awareness.”

The band features not only some questionable musicality, but live martial arts demonstrations as part of their stage act.

Things get crazy when a rival band hires a local goon and his gang to drive them out of a popular Orlando nightclub (yes, don’t let the name fool you. The film’s set in Orlando, NOT Miami). This forces the band to battle some toughs, who look like meth addicts.

Now, not to worry. The band’s musical prowess is matched by their taekwondo abilities. And there are lots of beat downs.

Lastly, for some reason there are ninjas as well as a shoe-horned in subplot involving a long last dad and a tearful reunion.

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