The Bristol Bad Film Club was co-founded by Timon Singh, a lifelong aficionado of terrible monster movies and junk cinema, who screens stinkers like Samurai Cop and Lifeforce.

They do once-a-month screenings, with the major criterion being “there must be a bar present at the venue.” They’ve rented out the city’s planetarium and have done other unique screenings.

On this podcast, we chat about Mathilda May, David Hasselhoff, Patrick Stewart, Caroline Munro, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films, Get Even, Pulgasari and Vigilante.

Vigilante was directed by one of our faves (William Lustig of Maniac fame) and stars many of our faves from the b movie circuit: Robert Forster, Fred Williamson, Steve James and the one and only Joe Spinell.