coutoWe first came across Dayton, Ohio filmmaker Henrique Couto’s work in Babysitter Massacre. He’s a guy with the talent to do a lot with a little.

In this special episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we chat with the indie director about Scarewaves, Calamity Jane’s Revenge, The Faces of Schlock, A Bulldog for Christmas and Haunted House on Sorority Row. We talk about Alternative Cinema, how he made his first feature at 18, how he casts, shoots and scores film and his battles with depression.

Couto started out as Dr. Freak, “the world’s youngest horror host,” which he started at the age of 12 on cable access. He graduated (though not literally) to selling his work in high school halls, much to the chagrin of his principal.

Now a full-time film maker who works at a prodigious rate, he’s branched out from horror into romantic comedy and period Westerns. Can’t wait to see where he’ll go next.