Travel in horror. Your humble hosts are international men of mystery, between us having visited about 40 countries, including all over the States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Tourism and horror are often paired. There’s the usual spring breakers getting lost on road trips domestically but also international backpackers running afoul of global mad men.

Why is this? Well, travelers don’t have their wits about them when they’re in vacation-mode and the experience can be fraught with difficulty because of language barriers, bureaucratic isuses, etc.

The most prominent tourism / vacation horror films are of course, Turistas, Tourist Trap and Hostel. In Awakened, tourists are being harvested for their organs. After nights in hotel bars, a group of victims have their drinks spiked and wake up on an island. In Airport Shuttle, AKA Shuttle (2008) victims think they’re en route to the hotel via that conveyance but something untoward happens.

We recorded this one outdoors, to get the feel being out and about and share our experiences in Italy, Thailand, Australia, New York City.