The master. Dario Argento is the man and here is one of our absolute favorites. Phenomena is a beautiful oddity.

In this week’s episode, we get ourselves psyched up with the magnificent soundtrack. What is it about the Italians, your Bavas, your Fulcis and your Argentos?

Suspiria was a mind-blowing experience and from there, it was giallo films and Tenebre. We’re Argento addicts. Is the “Italian Hitchcock” moniker justified? Who knows but he’s a master of suspense in his own right. He is a Caravaggio with his mastery of cinematic bloodletting.

This one stars a young Jennifer Connolly (Requiem for a Dream) as a sleepwalking boarding student who befriends entomologist Donald Pleasance, set against the backdrop of a mysterious Alpine murder.

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