The Demolisher is a cerebral vigilante film, as rare as an albino lobster.

Jeff from Really Awful Movies got a chance to chat with its principles:

In the first part, director Gabriel Carrer. He’s behind In the House of Flies, a really terrific and entirely different kind of horror in which a duo is kidnapped and trapped in a basement.

And he’s versatile enough to do lots of different types of films.

Carrer talked about what spawned the film. He loves genre/horror and vigilante films. Everything is “very external,” in a typical vigilante flick but you never go deep into their psychology. He went out to change that.

He talked about his influences, such as the Pusher trilogy and how important pacing and music is. There will be a vinyl soundtrack release too.

Also on the show, Jessica Vano, who plays Marie, who has a really neat character arc.

Finally, Ry Barrett (who plays Bruce) discussed how he portrayed the title role and did stunt coordination work. He’s directed, done sound, special effects, writing. He’s a jack of all trades.