Nightmare City, AKA, City of the Walking Dead is an Umberto Lenzi sleaze-fest with a great soundtrack and some very gory kills.

In this 1980 outbreak movie, a TV reporter (played by Tarantino fave Hugo Stiglitz) investigates what’s turning townsfolk into hideous creatures. Turns out it’s radioactive materials from a nearby reactor.

Soon, the city is overcome by irradiated ghouls.

Few films combine utter zaniness with such inventive and disgusting gore.

Some critics have likened this to a “zombie action film” as the undead here run like sprinters, wield axes, knives and guns, and can even be convinced to board a plane to create havoc in other time zones.

Tom Savini is in the process of remaking this one. Wonder if he’ll retain the loopy ending of the original.

Welcome to….Nightmare City!

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