At Really Awful Movies, we love to shine a spotlight on emerging talent in the horror genre. So when one of us caught the short film Heir currently making the festival rounds, we thought “We’ve got to talk to these guys!”

Heir is the brainchild of Fatal Pictures and stars Robert Nolan and the hardest working man in indie-genre cinema, Bill Oberst Jr. It’s a singularly disturbing and powerful piece of art that accomplishes in 15 minutes what many feature films fail to do in 120.
Fatal Pictures, comprised of producer Zach Green and writer/director Richard Powell, have thus far made four shorts. Starting with Consumption in 2008, Fatal has also made the “boxcutter” trilogy – three films, Heir as well as its progenitors Worm and Familiar.  Each film stars Robert Nolan and is an unbelievably effective piece of psychological horror. Familiar is currently available for download on iTunes.
In this interview, we discuss the genesis of Fatal Pictures, the advantages of starting with shorts rather than jumping straight into features, funding and production, and of course, the films themselves. Fatal Pictures is one to watch – we can’t wait to see what they do next.