Did you hear about the cannibal who arrived late for the potluck? They gave him the cold shoulder.

On this week’s episode, machetes in tow, we hack through the deepest, darkest jungles and take our first look at the infamous cannibal genre and one of its most notorious flicks, Cannibal Ferox.

This is the second Umberto Lenzi film we’ve discussed on the show, the first being City of the Living Dead. That was a lot more fun. Ferox is not unlike others from the genre in that it’s mostly dull and interspersed with incredibly gruesome and unforgettable images. Upon its release, the US distributor claimed it was “the most violent film ever made” and it was banned in numerous countries. Strange thing is there are way more violent films than this one.

What happens when a grad student gets lost in the wilds of Paraguay with her two assistants? The title is pretty self-explanatory.

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