The Toolbox Murders. With a title fraught with ambiguity like that, what could this one possibly be about?

Not surprisingly, this one is about a series of murders, committed using toolbox implements. The Toolbox Murders made its way onto the Video Nasties banned list in the 80s, quite rightly, as it’s a lurid and sleazy affair.

There’s an apartment complex in LA, not unlike the cheesy one in the awful soap, Melrose Place. And its occupants are being picked off one by one by a masked, giallo horror type killer.

And it’s up to the LAPD to solve the spate of crimes, something they’re unable to do and what the viewer can, about 10 minutes in.

Then, The Toolbox Murders take a strange, psychological turn.

There’s much more to this than squalid killings. What exactly? Take a listen to this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast and don’t forget to tune in for new episodes of the show every weekend.