Peter Cushing. Christopher Lee. What more do you need? As a bonus, there’s Telly Savalas. And a mad monk.

Horror Express, a.k.a Pánico en el Transiberiano in mellifluous Spanish (Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express) is a 1972 Spanish-British science fiction-horror film produced by Bernard Gordon and Gregorio Sacristan, and directed by Eugenio Martín. The latter worked with Telly Savalas again a year later in Pancho Villa.

In Horror Express, a train is transporting mysterious cargo belonging to anthropologist Dr. Saxton (played by the incomparable Christopher Lee).

The contents of the freight include a frozen, hairy missing link-type creature found in Manchuria.

Naturally, curiosity gets the better of a few of the passengers – to their peril!

Listen to our take on this 1972 classic, reminiscent of some of the Hammer Horror films kicking around at the time.