The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is the polarizing follow up to the 1974 classic.

The poster artwork alone (an homage to The Breakfast Club) indicates that this one may not be true to the gritty tone of the original, but is in many ways, an over-the-top parody.

And like many sequels, there are new characters.There’s the cackling, ghoulish addition to the First Family of the Saw, Chop Top (Bill Mosely). And on his tail, disgraced lawman Lefty (Dennis Hopper), with assistance from local Texas DJ, Stretch (Caroline Williams).

And still present, the Methuselah of the Sawyers, the very very aged Grandpa, and of course, the Cook and Leatherface.

Look out for a cool song by The Police’s Stewart Copeland and the usual killer effects from Tom Savini.