Roving bandits…sand…lots of sand…leather…more sand. We’re in post-apocalyptic territory this week with the silly and fun STRYKER.

There’s a battle over scant resources…in this case, a spring inside a cave that’s controlled by female Amazon warriors.

Naturally, there’s a group of villainous marauding hordes who want it all to themselves.

What will happen? Who will lead our intrepid heroes against this iniquitous force? What’s the story with the midget allies?

Come with us to our favorite place in Southeast Asia (to visit cinematically at least), and that’s the Philippines.

This one is the brainchild of the incomparable Cirio Santiago, who’s brought us Caged Fury, Death Force, Vampire Hookers and TNT Jackson. He’s a unique talent. And Stryker is a unique movie, one of the more fun Mad Max knock-offs.