In this special episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, show regular Scott Drebit (columnist over at Daily Dead) joins us to discuss all things Carpenter.

First, we examine the awesome urban scum thriller Assault on Precinct 13, where a cop finds himself trapped in an abandoned police station with lifers, doing battle with a gang invasion.

Then The Fog, a 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis / Tom Atkins horror film set in a California fishing village where ghostly sailors exact revenge on townsfolk celebrating their centenary.

Later in the show, we chat about John Carpenter and the news that he’s returning to Halloween. We examine what we expect from Blumhouse, who has taken the reins of the franchise, and what Carpenter may be bringing to the table when it comes to this reemergence of The Shape.

Check out Scott’s handiwork over at Daily Dead: Drive-in Dust Offs and check out our site,